About LUDI

Welcome to LUDI, the world of Luxury Dining, A Drink & Dine Loyalty Program

Who We Are

LUDI is the brainchild of a passionate team of professionals that wants the customers to be served in the best possible way. We strongly believe in the word Loyalty, a quality of staying connected for someone or something, based on which we have formed the roots of this company. We want the restaurants to get increased footfalls while providing customers with the best possible deals on food and alcohol.

At present, LUDI caters to the foodies and restaurants of the city of Hyderabad, India. We have collaborated with plenty of restobars, buffet restaurants, pubs, and fine dining restaurants in Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kukatpally and Kondapur region.

The Story Behind Our Inception

Last few years have seen considerable changes in the way people see restaurants and go out dining. Being foodies ourselves, we couldn’t help but notice how the number of new food outlets and concept restaurants in Hyderabad has been consistently booming off late.

One of the reasons behind this boom is the significant rise in the dining out trends which has been occurring since the past 3 years. People, especially the millennials, surf the internet before going to a restaurant, check out their menu and look for available discounts or offers.

Realizing this and considering the huge market India has to offer, we felt the need to come up with a unique dine-out loyalty program. A program that has a universal appeal. A program that balances the interests of both - the restaurant and the customer. That is how LUDI was born.

What We Offer

With LUDI’s innovative Drink & Dine Program, the hassles of separate Alcohol deals and Food offers will bid adieu. As we want you to make the most of your dining experience, we have created a special Drink & Dine program that includes your food as well as alcohol. The discounts will be applied to the total value of your bill, including your food and drinks.

Additionally, LUDI offers different sets of benefits when you visit a restaurant for the 1st time and when you are a returning customer. This concept equally benefits both the involved parties - customers and restaurant owners. As a customer, you will avail amazing offers on trying out the latest restaurants while new restaurants will find it easier to attract more customers.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes our drink & dine program stand out is its universal and long-term deals. There are no lucrative happy hour offers or one-time deals to make you visit a restaurant within a stipulated time period. You simply choose your favourite cuisine or a restaurant you want to visit, book a table, avail the offer and enjoy your meal!

Happy LUDIing!