Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans: The Discounts are offered on both Alcohol & Food together and the Discount shall be applied on the Bill Value

Ans: Yes, the Discounts are applied on the Bill Value

Ans: No, LUDI discounts shall not be combined with any other offers.

Ans: Yes, you get the discounts only if the minimum bill value is done

Ans: No, the minimum Bill value is excluding the taxes

Ans: Then you get 25% OFF on the Buffets. 25% of BUFFETS is all the time right from your First table reservation in which ever restaurant applicable.

Ans: Yes, you can choose to do so with an agreement from the Restaurant Manager or the concerning person at the restaurant

Ans: NO, there is no limit. You can choose to go to a restaurant any number of times

Ans: If you are an Individual user, you can choose to take along upto 12 guests. If you are a corporate user, you can choose to take along upto 20 guests

Ans: LUDI does not allow you to do that. But, if the Restaurant chooses to give you the same Discount, then you shall do that

Ans: No, you cannot do that. It is mandatory for the User to be available at the table

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory for a User to upload his or her picture for authentication procedure at the restaurant

Ans: No, you cannot use more than One membership at the same table

Ans: Yes, you shall visit the restaurant any number of times during that day

Ans: No refunds will be provided by the Company following payment for provision or subscription of services.